Sinaesthetix (or differences in perceptual experience)

While searching for non-musical forms of artistic expression equivalent to the experience of black metal, I came across Matthew Simmons‘ minibook The Moon Tonight Feels My Revenge which details, in concise, evocative prose, some impressions and short stories inspired by one-man black metal bands like Varg Vikernes’ Burzum, Striborg, Wrath of the Weak and Xasthur (whose lyrics give the book its title). TMTFMR‘s terse, touching and often hilarious tone appears to temper black metal’s often drab, often desiccated seriousness with ample wit and humour. You might like to check out his interview earlier this year with Blake Butler at HTML Giant. With any luck, I’ll have an extended treatment of some aspects of metal soon.

“He told her once he would like to impregnate her the day the next snowfall covers the ground and the it -the pregnancy – would go like this: he’d wrap himself around her shoulders all winter long, and she would go under the dirt with him. Her feet would get gummy and she would stick in place until it was time for the very blessed event, and all at once in a mess of wet and sticky stuff, out would come their son. They would feed it, and keep it moist, and it would grow up and, probably, become a gardener of some sort. Maybe one of the ones who carves animals from hedges. A topiary gardener.

She told him he did not understand the process of human reproduction if he thinks that’s the way it goes. She suggested to him he might be thinking about frogs, not people.”


~ by schoolboyerrors on June 23, 2011.

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