Schoolboyerrors @ Black Metal Theory

My contribution to the third Black Metal Theory Symposium, P.E.S.T. (Philial Epidemic Strategy Tryst), recorded on Sunday, 20th November is available online from Radical Matters (here, at about 1.47) . Entitled: ” ‘The Hopeless Soul Keeps Mating’: Notes on Black Metal and Contemporary Fiction,” I try to outline the pestilential effect of black metal by considering Matthew Simmons’ short story collection, The Moon Tonight Feels My Revenge (mentioned in a brief post from way back in June, here), Ronald Bogue’s conjunction of Black Metal and Deleuzoguattarian philosophy and Deleuze’s own reading of Spinoza.

In the talk I relate this notion of BM as pestilence to Deleuze’s notion of the bad, disagreeable or poisonous encounter whereby the meeting between two bodies (in this case, say BM and writing) produces a decomposition and weakening of one or the other. However, I’m really interested in form and structure so I also attempted to encode this into the very architecture of the text itself. My presentation and its enunciation, therefore, emanate and proliferate a pestilential effect, which simultaneously directs the course of the investigation (“by contagion”) and decimates alternately language (by filling it with breakdowns and abscesses) and argument (thus the withering found in Bogue’s piece is eventually mirrored in my argument about BM’s relation to pestilence, which, by force of repetition becomes a banal truism).

Many thanks to Michael O’Rourke, Karin Sellberg and Nicola Masciandaro for the opportunity to try these ideas out in such illustrious company!


~ by schoolboyerrors on November 23, 2011.

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