I’ve recently become co-editor of One+One, a film journal formed a few years ago by a collective of radical filmmakers and film-theorists based in and around Brighton. Freely distributed in print and online periodically throughout the year, it focuses on avant-garde filmmaking and approaches to film and, in the past, has included articles on directors like Cassavetes, Passolini and Kenneth Anger, in addition to interviews with more obscure and experimental artists like Ron Peck, James MacKay and Jeff Keen. The magazine is also firmly engaged with aspects of film practice and regularly sets filmmaking challenges (on themes like reality, illusion, loss), which have drawn numerous responses from around the world.

For the launch of its December issue, One+One have teamed up with this year’s London Underground Film Festival to present an event called “Revolutions in Progress” where we will attempt, with the help of activists, academics and filmmakers, to delineate the role of radical filmmaking in past and present revolution (along with issues like revolution and film; revolution in film; revolution on film; etc). There’ll be a screening of some short films pertaining to the theme followed by a roundtable discussion where we will be joined by some directors of these films, members of INC, the Goldsmiths theory research group, and activists associated with the Occupy movement.

It takes place on Saturday, 3rd of December between 2-3.30pm at the Horse Hospital in London. Tickets may be bought here. It promises to be an insightful and timely conversation about the place of filmmaking and the screening of revolution.

[UPDATE 29.11.11 : Theorist and sometime blogger Alex Williams aka Splintering Bone Ashes has also confirmed his participation at the One+One roundtable event]


~ by schoolboyerrors on November 28, 2011.

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