Pre-publication notice: One+One Issue 8

“I am watching TV5’s coverage of the British Diamond Jubilee – TV screen hatched with red, white and blue diagonals, verticals and horizontals – in the Swiss quadrant of a French airport. Outside the white cross of Switzerland is lazily overlaid now, now… now by the parallel bands of the tricolore. Into this very European lattice, seeps the garbled French of German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld clad in his usual black, I presume (though I can’t see through the televisual grid), swathing an approaching woman in flattery more virginal white than her raiment. Upon a boat she appears, solitary and luminous, set apart from the weave of sodden subjects by the stilly greeny plane of the river Thames over which she glides. The Royal Jubilee bells sound incessantly, signalling her resplendence, as a cash register behind my head rings up fifty-seven francs and fifty-seven cents…”

(from Issue 8’s editorial)

The One+One: Filmmakers Journal editorial team are putting the final touches to our summer issue, which should be coming out very soon. Obliquely confronting the recent royal celebrations, it includes a number of personal reflections on Derek Jarman’s 1978 Jubilee – a madcap film of monarchical time-travel and punk dysphoria produced to coincide with the Silver Jubilee in ’77. It also features an examination of Patrick Keillier‘s work by Paul Barr, who reads Keillier’s explorations of London space-time through Deleuze and Bergson, a new film column by editor James Marcus Tucker, and a report on our “Revolutions in Progress” event in December, which brought together filmmakers, activists and theorists to discuss revolutions in film, on film and by film.

The release of issue 8 will coincide with the relaunch of One+One’s new website which, in addition to a revamped layout (not just go-faster stripes down the side!), will feature an archive of past issues and regularly updated blog, as well as media and discussion areas. We’re really excited about it! More info soon.



~ by schoolboyerrors on June 12, 2012.

3 Responses to “Pre-publication notice: One+One Issue 8”

  1. Hey there Mr D, Amyl nitrate Aka ‘Pamela Rooke’ lives and works Seaford, I took my cat to the vet a few years back…And low and behold there was Pam behind the reception desk. I have spoken to her about punk times…she said she was still in contact with John Lydon and Adam Ant.

    • Haha! That’s brilliant – I can think of no better way for a former furious punk goddess to spend her time than taking care of little animals!


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