Josh Schneiderman @ University of Sussex, 9th April 2015


John Ashbery "Acrobats" (ca. 1972)

John Ashbery “Acrobats” (ca. 1972)

John Ashbery “L’Heure Exquise” (1977)

John Ashbery “L’Heure Exquise” (1977)

John Ashbery “Conservatory” (ca. 1972)

John Ashbery “Conservatory” (ca. 1972)

“The Republic of Postcards:

The New York School, Ephemerality, and Archival Obscurity.”

Josh Schneiderman (Hunter College, CUNY)

University of Sussex Centre for American Studies Research Seminar

Thursday 9th April, 5-6.30pm, Jubliee G22 (click here for map) 

Very excited about this upcoming talk at the University of Sussex where Josh Schneiderman will discuss the poetry, friendship, and art/writing collaborations of New York School poets like John Ashbery, Frank O’Hara, and Kenneth Koch. I’ve been a big fan of Josh’s work since I heard him talk about Ashbery and Joe Brainard’s astonishingly beautiful, little-known postcards in Boston a while ago. He’s a really engaging and generous speaker and his talk will interest anyone with even a passing interest in American literary history, the poetics of the post-War avant-garde, archival research, and the connections between image and text.

Josh works across and in-between disciplines and his research spans a range of interests from modernism and the “New American Poetry” to post-War art and country music. He is a visiting lecturer in English at Hunter College, CUNY, co-chair of the CUNY Graduate Center Poetics Group, and the editor of This pertains to me which means to me you: The Correspondence of Kenneth Koch and Frank O’Hara, 1955-56 (put out by the wonderful Lost & Found: The CUNY Poetics Document Initiative).


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