Recent Schoolboy Errors

Update on recent and forthcoming


Bob Flanagan

5 August 2016:

“Bob Flanagan: Supermasochist”, The Odditorium tent, Wilderness Festival, Oxfordshire


5 October 2016:

In conversation with Dennis Cooper at the University of Sussex, Brighton


13 October 2016:

“Liar! Harvey Matusow aka The Biggest Snitch in American History”, The Catalyst Club, Brighton




“Friendship and the Art of Translation: Lynne Tillman and Kiki Smith.” An essay on friendship, translation, and the dialogue between art and writing for Gorse magazine #5.


“Madalyn Murray O’Hair: The Most Hated Woman in America” and “Bob Flanagan: Supermasochist”. Two essays for David Bramwell and Jo Keeling’s book The Odditorium: The tricksters, eccentrics, deviants and inventors whose obsession changed the world.

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